Capturing Motion

When it comes to digital photography motion capture can be tricky. Learn how to capture motion effectively in this lesson.

Capturing motion

An action shotAn action shot

Capturing a fast-moving subject can be one of the most significant challenges for a photographer. The key to capturing any kind of fast motion is to use a faster shutter speed. DSLRs and bridge cameras allow you to adjust the shutter speed manually. If you're using a point-and-shoot camera, you can select the Sports scene mode or turn on motion detection to help you capture action shots.

Sometimes a little bit of blur can be a good thing, as it gives a sense of motion. If your camera lets you adjust the shutter speed manually, you can experiment with different speeds to see which one gives you the right amount of blur.

In the photos below, the left photo has motion blur, which helps to show that the car is in motion. The right photo has much more motion blur, so the subject is almost completely blurred out.

Using a slower shutter speed to capture motion blurUsing a slower shutter speed to capture motion blur
Too much motion blurToo much motion blur

Below are some tips you can use to capture any kind of action shot, including sports, active children, and pets.