How to Use Our Tutorials

Your starting point for using our tutorials with your students.

How to use our tutorials

This guide was created to give teachers and service providers a starting point for using our tutorials. You may already refer people to our site for self-paced, independent learning. This guide will help you use our content to supplement your own programs, tutorials, and courses.

How you use our tutorials will depend largely on your organization’s capabilities and the needs of the populations you serve. We’ve found that there are as many ways to use our content as there are organizations using it. Some organizations take a largely hands-off approach; others choose to integrate our tutorials into their own instructor-led classes.

Here are some examples of ways a group could use our tutorials to provide instruction.

These are just a few examples, but the possibilities are nearly endless. Let us know how you use our site by contacting us.

Terms of use for our tutorials:

All of the content on the website is copyright protected. You may use, print, and download our content for educational purposes, as long as the content is not distributed publicly (distributing in the classroom or privately is fine), content is not altered or transformed in any way,® is acknowledged as the owner and copyright holder of the content, and a link is provided to our website.

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Classrooms without reliable Internet access:

If your classroom does not have reliable Internet access, there are two alternative ways you can access our site.

Classrooms where YouTube is blocked:

Because our video tutorials are hosted on YouTube, you may not be able to view them from places where YouTube is blocked. If your school or organization blocks YouTube, here are some alternative ways to access our videos.