Liking and Commenting

Learn how to like, comment on, and share Instagram posts to engage with your friends and followers using this popular social media app.

Liking, commenting, and sharing

You can interact with any post you find on Instagram. This includes liking a post, leaving a comment, and sharing it with your friends.


To like a post, simply double-tap the post or tap the Heart below it. If you accidentally like a post and want to unlike it, simply perform the same action again.


Comments are a great way to let the creator know how you feel about a photo or to interact with your friends' posts. To leave a comment, first tap the Comment icon below a post.

Type your comment, then tap Post.


If you come across a post and find it interesting or funny, you can share it with your Instagram friends. First, tap the Share icon.

Select a friend you'd like to share the post with, then tap Send. You can also include a message with the post if you want.